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Welcome to the official website of Dongguan Zhongyi Materials Technology Co., LTD.!

Dongguan Zhongyi Materials Technology Co., LTD.

Hotline0769 87135008

Cooperative client Thank you to accompany

Care and attention
The devil is in the details
Fine management
Perfect office system record and analyze data; Our high-quality customer base enables us to continuously learn and grow.
Market segment
Guide the direction of market segments; Professional product application information; Professional business operation mode.
Technical support
Technical sales recommendation most suitable for your products; Technical talents with market segments.
Combined with years of sales and management experience, integrate the products involved in the field, recommend the most suitable products and services for you.
Craftsman intention, manufacturing quality
Focus on international market

Dongguan zhongyi material technology co., LTD

Dongguan zhongyi materials technology co., LTD., established in May 2013, adheres to the "international leading vision, continuous innovation management, family humanistic care, and continuation of artisan spirit" of zhongyi technology, which is a high-tech enterprise in guangdong province, is a joint venture enterprise...

Hunan zhongke New material co. LTD

Hunan the branch new material co., LTD., affiliated to the dongguan city, the new material technology co., LTD., subordinate holding companies, is the collection environmental protection engineering construction and installation, sewage disposal, recycling plastic granules, recycling plastic modification, the new type of...
Industry application
Widely used in various industries

All four advantages bring you a full range of securityWalk hand in hand, shape the future together with you

Brand strengthGuarantee of technical strength

We have a team of engineers with 30 years of industry experience

Establish your own product and service standards

Cooperate with many domestic and foreign manufacturers

Product strengthstrong ability to develop new products

Modified PC formula for many years, research and development of new products.

Provide free proofing, sample can be customized to meet all your needs.

Our products are certified for international environmental protection.

Production abilityEfficient production · fast delivery

Imported 4 German production lines, monthly output up to 800 tons/month

Customized modified products 2 days sample, fast delivery

Flexible and efficient production, according to management strategy, save cost up to 10%

Quality assurance· strictly control the quality

Select brand raw material suppliers to control quality from the source.

A full set of imported testing equipment, lean quality inspection technical team.

Each batch of products are fully tested and detailed test data report is provided.

Integrity management quality at ease

Order processCustomized modified products take 2 days to produce samples, and 3-5 days for fast delivery

Hotline0769 87135008 consulting
News and information
Focus on real time
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